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      1. Energy management

        Fraport Energiemanagement

        We not only provide advice on real-estate, but also with respect to all energy-related issues. And, what's more: Be it electric power, water, heat or cool - we take care of whatever is necessary for site development and the operation of your property. We order and build networks and facilities, assure network operation of power and other media and handle measuring and invoicing. In short: We guarantee an optimal power supply to customers at all times.

        Our service portfolio in detail

        • Development of the entire utility services for a building site
        • Network infrastructure for electric power
        • Network infrastructure for water, heat and cold
        • Measurement, collection and invoicing of the consumption figures

        Michael Kurt

        Fraport AG
        Fraport Real Estate Services & Development
        60547 Frankfurt am Main

        Phone: +49 069 690 28388

        Michael Kurt


        Network infrastructure for electric power

        Network connection

        • Regulation on low-voltage connection ("NAV")

        Network use

        Sample contracts

        Load profiles

        • Standard load profile (G0G)

        Counting and measurement

        Metering point operation and measurement

        • Technical minimum requirements for measuring instruments
        • Minimum requirements for data amount
        • Metering point outline contract
        • Metering outline agreement



        Network infrastructure for water, heat and cold?

        ? Production and calculation of cold, cooling network and heating network
        ? Procurement, calculation and selling of drinking and industrial water
        ? Disposal, calculation of disposal services for waste water and surface water



        Our track record


        Fraport AG corporate headquarters

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        Digital und innovative solutions

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        Utility bill management